BCF RiderCoach Support: Individual Subscription

This collection of resources and tools is designed to support MSF-certified RiderCoaches by providing relevant material that can be accessed easily while in the field.

Steve Kirsch

Lead RiderCoach Trainer and CEO

Ax Axmaker

Curriculum and eLearning 

Dick Friel

Technology Manager
What you get

Benefits of the app


MSF Teaching Materials

You'll have quick access to range cards, the RiderCoach Guide, Rider Handbook, classroom slide decks, eP1 posters, Level II Classroom Activity Sheets, and more.

Multi-Modal Content Delivery

In addition to PDF versions of your range cards and RiderCoach Guide, you'll find interactive eLearning presentations of the RCG content, instructional videos from us to expand on the content, and videos showing demo path-of-travel, nuances of the demos, simulated practices, and more.

A Common Frame of Reference

Now when a question or difference of opinion occurs on the range, there is a neutral "3rd party" to consult to provide a common frame of reference. So instead of something that could turn into an argument, you get answers.