Join us for a 4-Hour On-Street Advanced Clinic at the 49er Rally on May 27, 2023

Come take a ride with Be Crash Free out of Mariposa on a 4-hour loop that will go from 1000’ to over 6000’. We will ride through Arch Rock and enjoy views of El Capitan and many other beautiful Yosemite vistas throughout the national park highway system. Towards the end of the ride, we will experience Wicked Hairpin and climb over 1000’ in less than 3 miles. During the whole four hours, you will have the opportunity to be coached at a 3:1 student/teacher ratio, providing you with techniques on line selection, braking, cornering, throttle application, and if interested, body position. This ride is not about speed, it’s about the views, having a good time, and putting new skills in your motorcycle riding toolkit.

Here's What You'll Get

4-Hours of training with our handpicked instructors (they have to EARN their place on the Streetmasters/BCF training team, and we take only the best!). We’ll take you on a ride in the "real world,” with unpredictable turns, guiding you through line selection and safe execution of turn management. Precision regarding when and how to use your brakes is another skill we’ll work on through demonstration and 1-on-1 coaching.

We'll Take You on a Deep Dive of:

Visual Awareness

Smoothness on the Controls

Curve Setup

Relaxing (Breathing!)

Body Position - How, When and Why

Using Your Feet to Your Advantage

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I found so much of the way that Be Crash Free conducts be highly inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and positive! I’ve been saying for 20 years that it’s not possible to be having fun and not also learning something! Steve and his crew repeatedly encouraged us to have fun with learning to be safer, more precise, (and) more consistent.
Dan McNulty